Training – Performance

Our training offers hands on experience to load test live websites. Scenarios are broken down from simple to complex so you end up learning all features of Performance testing coverage. In parallel, you will be allowed to develop and build framework to meet industry standards and follow best practices, allowing you to answer any questions on your way at work project or in your interview. If you excel in Performance Testing, our reference help is with you!

Current tools you could learn


A)Silk Performer

Topic of Discussion
  1. Automation Concepts & its importance in QA
  2. Introduction to Selenium
  3. WebDriver Overview
  4. Locators
  5. Configuring WebDriver
  6. Interacting with GUI Objects using tool
  7. Handling different types of Pop ups
  8. Handling Windows
  9. Handling Frames
  10. Data Fetching using Excel or Xml
  11. Framework Structures
  12. Handon training session on building Framework Development
  13. Framework Deployment for sample application
  14. Reverse KT of Concepts & Frameworks
  15. Reverse KT of ANT & Selenium Grid
  16. Framework for sample application
< 30 mins
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