Performance FAQs

What is the process after I sign up ?

Customer will receive a welcome email with instructions.
1) onDemand QA projects are managed using ActiveCollob – Cloud based Project management software.
2) A new project is created and customer will receive ActiveCollob login information
3) For each project, a QA Manager / Lead is assigned to discuss the project scope initially.
4) All project related documents are exchanged and stored as ActiveCollob project. For ex: NDA, Requirements, QA artifacts, etc
5) QA manager will guide the customer depending on the type of service chosen.

How are projects managed for onDemand QA services ?

We use ActiveCollob – an online collaboration cloud based Project management software to keep track of entire project.

What are the pre-requisites for Performance Testing?
  • Defined and documented performance testing goals and objectives
  • Testable and measurable Non Functional Requirements (NFR) in terms of critical transactions – user intensive, business critical and performance intensive, non critical transaction which can have performance impact in specific instances and measurable SLAs in terms of processing time, throughput and concurrent users
  • Workload which is user behavior in performing critical transactions and distribution of critical transactions among total expected transactions
  • Data in terms of usage patterns and availability of data (unique user name, password etc..) to mimic real user behavior
  • Test Environment – functionally stable software, hardware and software configuration similar to Production and database size similar to Productio
Are functional testing requirements good enough to do Performance Testing?

Functional testing requirements can be taken as a starting point for Performance Testing. But it is not enough. Functional requirements will contain almost all the functionalities of the applications, but for performance testing most frequently used functionalities need to be identified. Transactions volume, Number of concurrent users also needs to be determined. In summary, non-functional requirements need to be determined and finalized.

How can Performance Testing requirements be collected if it is not available?

During the system design phase, business analysts and system architects would have written down the non functional requirements which include performance validation requirements. If it is not readily available,
a) One of the approaches is to have a discussion with Business point of contact and Architect and ask about what needs to be validated by doing performance testing. This will also help to bridge the gap between business expectations and what technology offers.

b) Another approach to collect the requirement if the system is already in production is to get the baseline from the production. There will be application logs available for most of the system which will be helpful in getting the production baseline in terms of response time, number of users, resource utilization like CPU, Memory etc..

How to get performance baseline from the existing system?

If the system is a web application, it will have access logs in web server which will give the details like usage patterns like number of page views per hour, day or month, response time, number of users etc… This can be analyzed to determine the baseline performance and arrive it system usage patterns.

Load testing environment is not similar to production environment. Will this give correct result?

No. Ideally, the load testing environment should have same hardware and software configuration to get the correct results.

Is there a way around if the testing environment is not similar to production?

Yes. In most of the companies, testing environment may not be similar to production. For example Production has 4 web servers each with 2 CPU 1.5 GHz speed. But the performance environment has 2 web servers each with 2 CPU 1.5 GHz speed. The best approach to simulate this is to scale down the load. In this case, scale down the load to half of the expected load. For example, the expected load is 100 users creating 20000 transactions, performance test should target for 50 users creating 10000 transactions. But in reality, hardware configuration of performance environment will be different in terms of number of servers, number of CPUs, CPU speed and memory. It will make the scenario more complex.

Can functional testing tools be used for Load Testing?

Functional Testing tools are designed to verify the application functionality including the client side validations. Also, these tools require lot of hardware resources to run. Compared to load testing tools, functional tools will require huge amount of hardware resources. So it is not a good option for Load Testing. But still it can be considered if the numbers of users are very minimal.

Why choose us?

We offer onDemand testing services for Functional, Automation and Performance testing, which means that we are able to ramp up your testing efforts in no time and for any length of time. Not only that, we provide dedicated QA managers / Lead for each project.

What are the different types of testing you do?
  • Functional (Integration, System, Regression, UI, Compatibility)
  • Database
  • API
  • ETL
  • Embedded Testing
  • Automation
  • Performance (Load/Stress)
How do we get in touch with you?

To reach us:

  • Submit online form
  • Call Us: +1 949 204 1111
  • Email Us:
What bug tracking tool do you use?

We gel well with your process. We can use whichever tool you prefer. In case, you’d like our recommendation, we can use You Track – a cloud solution defect tracking platform.

Do you offer Consulting services?

Yes, we offer Consulting services. To build & optimize your QA Process Create Test templates/documentation. Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Estimation and Testcase generation

What’s your domain expertise?

Education, Insurance, Banking, Finance, CRM, ERP, Retail, Health Care.

Can you ramp up on short notice?

Yes we can…! We have highly experienced resources to ensure project team ramp-up on short notice. Our Software QA Analysts & Test Engineers create and maintain QA processes & Best practices to overcome unexpected bottlenecks. We can provide any number of resource with in 2 weeks.

Which Test Management tools do you use?

TestRail, TestLodge, TestLink, Quality Center, TestStuff.

How do I pay?

You can pay via Debit and Credit Card through our website.

What makes onDemand QA so unique and how is it different from conventional QA Services?

OnDemand QA provides testing services without long term commitment and on need/requirement basis to satisfy your project needs. It is an ‘Easy to adopt’, ‘Simple to use’ and ‘Pay as you go’ QA service.

Why should we opt for your services?

Our services are Professional, Precise with Zero-Defect Strategy, Process Oriented, Flexible and Low cost.

Are your QA Analysts certified?

Yes, our team comprises of ISEB/ISTQB certified testers.

Do you have any offers?

Yes, for New Customers/Projects, first 20 hours of testing is absolutely FREE!

Will you provide SME’s for our project?

Yes, we do provide SME’s to oversee projects from start to successful completion.

How secure is your Network?

Our network infrastructure is secured by adequate Firewalls, Antivirus and Multiple layers of protection, thus preventing unauthorized access including Hackers and Data interceptors.

Is NDA mandatory to use onDemand QA services?

No, it’s your choice. If a Customer requires us to sign the NDA before the project is initiated, we can do so.

Do I need to have a login to join ActiveCollab?

Yes. After the customer signs up, they will receive an email from onDemand QA team with login details for ActiveCollab.


Do I have an option to tell the number of onDemand QA resource(s) required ?

Yes. During the sign up, we will provide you an option to request the number of QA resource(s). You also have an option to ramp the number of resources up/down during any phase of the project.

Who would be our Point of Contact, and how to get in touch with them?

The QA Manager / Lead will share the contact details of the resources in ActiveCollab, inclusive of their Email and Skype ID.

What is the communication protocol for any queries we may have?

Customer can directly send an email to QA Manager/Resource(s) or Customer can raise all their questions in ActiveCollab to track all communications on the project.

What time zones does your company work in?

onDemand QA Team works during regular IST hours – 8 to 6 pm IST. January 1st 2016 onwards, a dedicated team will be available to offer 24/7 support.

Can we review the artifacts created by onDemand QA team; like RTM, test cases, etc.?

Yes. The customer will have access to all their artifacts in the ActiveCollab Project from Day 1 till the end of the project with post completion access for up to a period of 6 months. All documents are accessible in real time as most of the Project / Test management software are cloud based solutions.

Can we import your artifacts into our systems? For ex: test cases for future use.

Yes, all artifacts created for your project will be shared with you.

What OS & Browser Platforms do you test?

We have a Test lab with:

  • different physical OS & browser combinations
  • different virtual OS & browser combinations
  • different tablet OS & browser combinations
  • different mobile OS & browser combinations
  • Different OS – Windows, MAC & Linux
  • Different Browser & its version – IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc

In addition, we use for instant access to all desktop and mobile browser testing to cover every customer’s requirement.

We have existing test scripts. Can that be utilized for execution?

Yes, we can import the test cases\scripts and use them for execution.

We have existing test scripts that need to be updated. Will you take up this kind of service?

Yes, it falls under the section of design and execute test cases. We will be able to update and execute them.

We do not have any requirements but would like testing to be done on our application. Can you work with us?

Yes, we have accomplished several such tasks before, and our engineers will work with you to test your application thoroughly. If required, we will also prepare a traceability matrix and share with you so we do not miss any requirements before the testing starts.

We would like to see sample test cases. Could you provide us?

Yes, we can provide you with sample test cases on request.

In case you face a blocking issue while executing test cases, will you charge us for the remainder of the day?

We charge you only for the hours worked on your project, time tracking is made easy with the online collaboration software.

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