Automation FAQs

What is the process after I sign up ?

Customer will receive a welcome email with instructions.
1) onDemand QA projects are managed using ActiveCollob – Cloud based Project management software.
2) A new project is created and customer will receive ActiveCollob login information
3) For each project, a QA Manager / Lead is assigned to discuss the project scope initially.
4) All project related documents are exchanged and stored as ActiveCollob project. For ex: NDA, Requirements, QA artifacts, etc
5) QA manager will guide the customer depending on the type of service chosen.

How are projects managed for onDemand QA services ?

We use ActiveCollob – an online collaboration cloud based Project management software to keep track of entire project.

Is NDA mandatory to use onDemand QA services ?

No, it’s your choice. If Customer requires us to sign the NDA before the project is initiated, we can do so.

We have an application and want you to automate it. Which tools would you recommend?

Our team has an expertise in various automation tools. Tool selection can be determined by the application requirements. Ex: For a web based application, we can use Selenium / Silk test

What details are needed to kick-start with automation?

We would require application access along with login credentials and the environment; if its secured app, followed by requirements documents and test cases which are to be automated.

Which automation tools you have used till now ?

Selenium, Silk test

What types of web application can you automate?

All types of web applications

What types of standalone applications can you automate?

Most of the standalone apps

What types of client server applications can you automate?

Most of the client server apps

Are you scripting or using recording & play back option?

No record and playback option used. We write scripts from scratch.

We have already written scripts but only require maintenance of those scripts?

Yes, we provide services for scripts maintenance.

Do you have any framework or yet to build from scratch?

We already have our in-house built-in frameworks, deployed in amazon boxes . You can either use those from Amazon boxes or we can provide a framework to be deployed in your environment.

Can you build a framework for our app?

Yes, we can build a new framework or you can choose an existing framework which we have already developed

Which framework structure have you utilized to build a framework?

We have frameworks using TestNG as well as Junit

Which type of framework have you built?

We have built a hybrid framework with both the combinations. i.e Function Decomposition and Keyword Driven

What frameworks do you offer to develop scripts?

We have 2 types of hybrid frameworks : Function decomposition and keyword driven

Where will be our scripts designed and Executed?

It will be stored in Base Camp & execution depends on environment chosen; either on cloud or your environment

What types of reports will be generated after execution?

Our frameworks support various types of post-execution reports,which are largely based on the framework structure chosen. For ex: if TestNG is chosen, it generates a default TestNG report, Junit report & Xslt report. Along with these, we also offer customized reports & real time results.

Frameworks developed are platform independent or specific to windows only?

Frameworks developed are platform independent. We can run scripts in Windows /Linux /Ubantu

Data to scripts is externalized or is it hard coded?

Data is fetched from an external source. We can choose Excel or XML for the same.

Scripts are written inside java files or in an external source?

It is based on the type of framework chosen. If functional decomposition is chosen, then scripts are written in java files, while keyword driven framework scripts are written in external source like excel or xml.

Which is the language used for writing scripts?

We use java language.

Can you do data base testing using automation?

Yes, we can do data base testing using automation.

Do you have any test management tool for script maintenance?

Yes, we use base camp for script maintenance. We can switch to other tools as per client’s request.

We have ajax app. Does your framework support the same?

Yes, our framework supports ajax app.

What do you mean by functional decomposition framework?

Functional decomposition is a hybrid framework which is a combination of Function driven & Data driven framework.

What do you mean by keyword driven framework?

Keyword driven framework is a hybrid framework which is a combination of Keyword driven & Data driven framework.

What do you mean by automation real time results?

It is a UI built by Thought Frameworks, which is used to view execution status at any point, during execution.

We want scripts to be executed once the development team deploys the build?

Certainly. We can execute the scripts once the build is deployed using build deployment tools like Jenkins.

Any pre requisites needed to start automation for our app?

We would require requirements, test cases to be automated, app access, KT regarding overview of the app.

What types of test cases can you automate?

We can do automation for all types of test cases. For e.g. functional/ integration /system testing.

Do you use any other Automation tools apart from Selenium, Silk & QTP?

Yes, we have an experienced team having worked on a variety of automation tools.

Why choose us?

We offer onDemand testing services for Functional, Automation and Performance testing, which means that we are able to ramp up your testing efforts in no time and for any length of time. Not only that, we provide dedicated QA managers / Lead for each project.

What are the different types of testing you do?
  • Functional (Integration, System, Regression, UI, Compatibility)
  • Database
  • API
  • ETL
  • Embedded Testing
  • Automation
  • Performance (Load/Stress)
How do we get in touch with you?

To reach us:

  • Submit online form
  • Call Us: +1 949 204 1111
  • Email Us:
What bug tracking tool do you use?

We gel well with your process. We can use whichever tool you prefer. In case, you’d like our recommendation, we can use You Track – a cloud solution defect tracking platform.

Do you offer Consulting services?

Yes, we offer Consulting services. To build & optimize your QA Process Create Test templates/documentation. Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Estimation and Testcase generation

What’s your domain expertise?

Education, Insurance, Banking, Finance, CRM, ERP, Retail, Health Care.

Can you ramp up on short notice?

Yes we can…! We have highly experienced resources to ensure project team ramp-up on short notice. Our Software QA Analysts & Test Engineers create and maintain QA processes & Best practices to overcome unexpected bottlenecks. We can provide any number of resource with in 2 weeks.

Which Test Management tools do you use?

TestRail, TestLodge, TestLink, Quality Center, TestStuff.

How do I pay?

You can pay via Debit and Credit Card through our website.

What makes onDemand QA so unique and how is it different from conventional QA Services?

OnDemand QA provides testing services without long term commitment and on need/requirement basis to satisfy your project needs. It is an ‘Easy to adopt’, ‘Simple to use’ and ‘Pay as you go’ QA service.

Why should we opt for your services?

Our services are Professional, Precise with Zero-Defect Strategy, Process Oriented, Flexible and Low cost.

Are your QA Analysts certified?

Yes, our team comprises of ISEB/ISTQB certified testers.

Do you have any offers?

Yes, for New Customers/Projects, first 20 hours of testing is absolutely FREE!

Will you provide SME’s for our project?

Yes, we do provide SME’s to oversee projects from start to successful completion.

How secure is your Network?

Our network infrastructure is secured by adequate Firewalls, Antivirus and Multiple layers of protection, thus preventing unauthorized access including Hackers and Data interceptors.

Is NDA mandatory to use onDemand QA services?

No, it’s your choice. If a Customer requires us to sign the NDA before the project is initiated, we can do so.

Do I need to have a login to join ActiveCollab?

Yes. After the customer signs up, they will receive an email from onDemand QA team with login details for ActiveCollab.


Do I have an option to tell the number of onDemand QA resource(s) required ?

Yes. During the sign up, we will provide you an option to request the number of QA resource(s). You also have an option to ramp the number of resources up/down during any phase of the project.

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